The rules on whistleblowing (EU directive 2019/1937) are intended to protect individuals when they report serious breaches that harm or may harm the public interest and the reputation of AG Real Estate. When individuals wish to report such a breach they can do so confidentially and without fear of adverse consequences.

1. What breaches does this apply to?

The breaches of legal or regulatory provisions may apply to the following areas:

  • Government contracts
  • Combatting tax fraud
  • Combatting social fraud
  • Prevent money laundering and terrorist financing
  • The rules regarding market abuse and competition
  • Protection of the environment
  • Consumer protection
  • Public health
  • Protection of privacy and personal data and security of network and information systems

This may concern:

  • Breaches that have already occured;
  • Breaches that will (probably) occur;
  • Acts or omissions that may be considered breaches;

2. Who can report a breach and is protected in case of reporting?

Persons who have obtained information about breaches in the context of their work-related activities

  • Employees
  • Self-employed persons who work for the company (consultants, freelancers)
  • Anyone who works under the supervision and direction of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers of AG Real Estate
  • Former employees
  • Prospective employees who noticed the breach during the recruitment process
  • Shareholders and persons belonging to the administrative, management or supervisory body of a company, including non-executive members, volunteers and paid or unpaid trainees

Outside the work-related context : anyone may report a breach of the rules on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.

If after the investigation it appears that false information has been deliberately reported or made public this may give rise to prosecution of the reporting person in accordance with the Penal Code.

3. Confidentiality of the identity of the reporting person and protection of personal data

The identity of the author of the report is in no case disclosed without a freely given and unambiguous consent of the latter to any person other than our Whistleblower Officer who is responsible for receiving and following-up on reports. 

The processing and storage of personal data of the persons involved in the handling of a report are done in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions regarding the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data according to the principles explained in the privacy policy  Requests for access to personal data, rectification or erasure must be addressed to the Whistleblower Officer.

If the report is found to be unfounded the personal data will be deleted immediately.  If the report is found to be well-founded, the name, job title, contact details of the persons to whom the protection and support measures extend as well as of the person concerned will be retained until the limitation period of the reported breach has expired. 

4. How can you report a breach ?

You can contact via the mailbox our Whistleblowing Officer who will manage the report confidentially.

If you prefer to file a report externally you can do so via the Federal Ombudsman,

It goes without saying that AG Real Estate prefers that the report is made internally.

More information?

The Federal Institute for Human Rights (FIRM/IFDH) is the central information point for anyone seeking information on whistleblowers.